Sexy Lingerie, 3D Printed

Sexy Lingerie, 3D Printed to Fit Perfectly and Last Much Longer.

Having clothes thSexy Lingerie 3D Printedat fit perfectly can help make you look your absolute best. A tailored suit, or a custom fitted dress that complements your body will not only make you look good, however, they can also make you feel your best.

The same goes for undergarments and sexy lingerie, but as many of us will know, having underwear, bras, or bodysuits that not only look great but fit comfortably as well can be a challenge. Fortunately, one Jess Haughton, a fashion student from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, has designed a line of 3D printed sexy lingerie which not only looks elegant, but can guarantee a perfect fit.

Haughton, a 23 year old from Ruislip in West London, designed the line of innovative sexy lingerie and underwear as part of a course. The sexy lingerie collection, which consists of a 3D printed stretch silicone bodysuit, a halter bra with a silicone floral pattern 3D printed onto sheer mesh, a mesh thong, and a leather harness, is currently being showcased at the Nottingham Trent University 2016 Art & Design Degree Show, running until June 11th.

Essentially, Haughton has used additive manufacturing technologies and a stretchy silicone material to create her unique sexy lingerie pieces rather than employ more traditional methods and materials like sewing and elastics. Silicone, a more resilient material than elastic, allowed Haughton a freedom of design which has resulted in more durable, smooth, and properly fitted pieces.

“Stretch silicone is amazing to work with and could really change the way sexy lingerie is made,” says Haughton. “It’s very strong and flexible when cured, and is practically impossible to unstick. It also ha3D Printed Sexy Lingeries an amazing feel to it, and when 3D printed can create more intricate detailing than traditional methods.” Haughton has even likened her innovative method of printing silicone floral patterns onto sheer mesh to a new, more modern way of making lace.

Though her current sexy lingerie designs are part of a school project, there is little argument that the market is ripe for custom designs, and there is surely to be a demand for custom fitted sexy lingerie. With the made-to-order philosophy that often accompanies 3D printed fashion items, people could have their bespoke sexy lingerie fitted to their exact measurements. That is, by simply inputting measurements into a computer (or who knows, maybe even by 3D scanning bodies for exact measurements) people could order pieces made specifically for them. The sexy lingerie pieces could also be customized in more ways than just size, for instance through bespoke detailing and style.

Emma Prince, a senior lecturer in fashion design at the School of Art & Design said of the innovative collection, “Jess has showed real innovation in developing her range of products and has developed her knowledge of this new technology which she can expand upon when she leaves university and pursues her career. It’s a great illustration of how modern technology can change the way clothing is made, leading to improvements in the performance of garments, their fit and their market appeal.”

Valentines Lingerie – 5 favourite items

Valentines Lingerie Day






We asked our customers and followers to choose their favourite Valentines lingerie items in our store and here are the results.

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5th Place – Casmir Gill Corset

Casmir Gill Corset Lustre Lingerie Valentines Lingerie Day










A very feminine, seductive Valentines lingerie corset in Spanish reef microfibre and delicate Italian lace. It’s available in in S/M, L/XL and 2XL/3XL and costs ?29.99


4th Place – Beauty Night Angelina Chemise

Beauty Night Angelina Chemise Lustre Lingerie Valentines Lingerie Day










A sexy lace Valentines lingerie chemise with suspender straps, Angelina has a stretch fabric centre panel in red with black stretch lace on the cups, sides and back. Underwired to add support it fastens with hook and eye at the back. A matching thong is included. This item arrives packaged in an organza bag and Beauty Night box and costs ?33.99


3rd Place – Provocative Simplement Moi Babydoll

Provocative Simplement Moi Babydoll lustre lingerie Valentines Lingerie Day










A beautiful strappy topped Valentines lingerie babydoll set in ruffled red satin material with gorgeous embroidered black lace edging and sheer open skirt. The design is finished off with a pretty bow to the bust and roses to the straps on the top and matching open crotch string. ?27.99


2nd Place – Casmir Diona Corset

casmir diona corset Lustre Lingerie Valentines Lingerie Day










An elegant Valentines lingerie corset made from black elastic satin with red tulle inserts and Italian lace with a matching thong. ?33.99.


And in 1st Place – Casmir Lanka Corset

casmir lanka corset lustre lingerie Valentines Lingerie Day










A beautiful corset made of Spanish satin and tulle, finished in two-tone Italian lace. ?34.99

Every month we give away a free item of lingerie to someone on our mailing list. You can choose the item yourself and your name goes into the draw every month.

For a chance to win, sign up to our mailing list here. we will also send you dicount codes, special offers and news about new products.


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