Lingerie for Men – Right or Wrong?

We’ve seen quite a bit of news about lingerie for men recently and wanted to know how you felt about it. Feel free to comment.

Lingerie for Men

And let’s be clear here, we are not talking just about men who like to wear lingerie designed for women.

It wasn’t so long ago that moisturiser, skin cream or even hair products made especially for men was still a marketing executives pipe dream but now the supermaret shelves burst with them.

In February 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported that like guyliner and Justin Bieber, men have a track record of stealing things previously only held dear by the fairer sex. But one of the most unlikely items to try to make the jump across genders is lingerie.

Homme Mystere, is an Australian underwear company founded two years ago by Queensland entrepreneur Brent Krause and they cater exclusively for men.

“It started initially as an underwear business for guys that incorporated fabrics and accessories normally associated with women’s lingerie,” says Krause.

Although still in a niche market, his lingerie is sold in more than 30 countries — 50 percent of his sales come from the U.S., according to Krause.

But despite the success, Krause admits that he’s had to overcome some major challenges.

“It’s like swimming through honey,” Krause said. “It’s an uphill battle because everyone says, ‘That’s ridiculous,’ ‘You can’t do that,’ ‘That’ll never work’ or ‘You’re wasting your time.’ You’ve just got to block out the naysayers and just keep going, and that’s pretty much what we’ve done.”

Part of the taboo with men’s lingerie has to do with society’s narrow perception of masculinity. Associate professor Catherine Bolzendahl at University of California, Irvine, believes “masculinity is built in relation to feminity.” In other words, if something is considered feminine then by nature, it cannot be masculine. Since lingerie is generally considered a feminine product, men who choose to wear lingerie are breaking that traditional understanding of male identity and thus, choosing to be feminine.

Despite overall stereotypes surrounding male lingerie, the majority of men who purchase the lingerie are straight and genuine fans of the look.

“I think it’s 90 percent — the last time I had a look about visitors and customers — are heterosexual guys,” Krause said. “Most of them, the majority of them are married…We do have the gay community buy the product, I guess, but it’s not like it’s not like it’s a ‘gay thing.'”

Krause, who also wears the lingerie and is in a heterosexual relationship, told ATTN: that his customers’ sexuality is irrelevant.

So what do YOU think? Right or Wrong?





Lustre Lingerie Posted on 02/03/2016 7:36 am