8 common underwear mistakes you could be making

We’re well into the Christmas party season now, perhaps you’ve even attended one or two. When considering your Christmas outfit’s how much of that thought was about the underwear? Not a lot? Don’t worry we anticipated that!

When we talk about underwear, we think about bras—how we’re wearing the wrong size, how they should really fit. Underwear, however, is often overlooked,” Choosing the right type of underwear truly sets the foundation for your entire day. Taking more time to be aware of what you’re wearing can go a long way in helping you look great.

We have worked with five of our biggest suppliers and models from the lingerie industry to bring you the do’s and don’ts. So let’s get to work and correct—the eight most common underwear mistakes you’re probably making, but had no clue.


1. You’re wearing a size too small.

Now is the time to put vanity aside and go a size up in your clothes with your underwear! If they are too tight they can pinch and give you the dreaded muffin top or VPL (visible panty line), not to mention increase your chances of nether-region unpleasantness like a UTI or yeast infection.

2. You’re wearing the wrong underwear with your outfit.
A string may prevent V.P.L, but it’s not always the best underwear for your body-con clothes. If it’s made from textured material, for example, it will still show through a tight, lightweight dress. A more appropriate choice, in this case, might be a seamless boyshort, maybe one with slightly longer “legs” to prevent ride-up. Wearing a high-waisted skirt? Try a high-waisted brief vs. a low-rise bikini to help smooth out the tummy area.

3. Not trying before buying.

Fit is essential when it comes to undergarments. Even the most swoon-worthy bra can lose its “lustre” when the sizing is off. Bra shopping, in many ways, is very similar to shopping for a pair of jeans — every pair fits differently, especially across brands, so trying them on is key. We offer free shipping on orders over ?100. and returns on garments, we’re always available to answer your questions too, as we have knowledge regarding the brands.



4. Not following the care instructions properly

Always read the care instructions. Lace, silk and satin underwear and bras need a little extra love when it comes to washing, and shouldn’t be treated in the same way as their cotton counterparts. Delicate fabrics and constructions often require the use of cold water, hand-washing techniques, mild soap and air drying to maintain their like-new appearance.


5. Not getting rid of worn out pieces 

Yes, it can be hard to part with your favourite pieces of clothing, but there comes a time when you just have to “let go”. Bras and underwear that are wearing thin or sporting holes should be ditched and upgraded.

6. You’re not spending enough on your lingerie.

It’s tempting to save money on your lingerie and spend it on that pair of jeans instead—after all, that’s what everyone will see. But even if you are the only one who ever sees your underwear, remember that this is the foundation to your entire look. The right underwear has the power to make or break how you walk, talk, look and feel throughout any given day. A ?5.00 pair of underwear may seem like a great deal to start with but probably won’t stand the test of comfort, or time. The cheaper the underwear, the lower the quality—expect materials that are rough against your skin, exposed seams that dig-in as well as show through clothes, underwear that’s not lined properly, or ill-fit that can cause ride-up. Good quality underwear, on the other hand, will be made with first-rate materials for comfortable, all-day wear, superior attention to fit and will hold both its appearance and fit after numerous washings.

7. You’re wearing light underwear with your dark-colored clothing. 

Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark underwear through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light underwear through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black lingerie.

8. You’re wearing mesh underwear in the summer.

It may seem like mesh underwear is more breathable, but you may be surprised to hear that it’s not. Synthetic materials such as polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria—putting you at greater risk for yeast infections and UTIs, or just feeling uncomfortable all day. In the summer, it’s best to wear underwear made with natural, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo that absorb and/or wick moisture away from the skin.

Sizzling Red-Hot Chemise!

Hi, it’s an exciting time for LustreLingerie.com which is now under the new ownership of Mark Walmsley and Jo Surgeon, we are celebrating by launching our new sizzling, René Rofe, red-hot chemise.

Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing our stock and adding new products… including our beautiful red-hot chemise from René Rofe (New York) 

René Rofe (New York), Chemise

A beautiful 2-piece Hollywood chemise & G-string set from René Rofe of New York. (Stockings not included) ?32.00

This elegant, yet seductive chemise, will undoubtedly heat up your summer nights.

The chemise was popular in the 1920s, where it began as an unwaisted dress hanging straight from the shoulders, it then became a loose fitting under-garment or nightdress… but now, as you can, see it is a highly seductive, stylish and luxurious piece of lingerie that accentuates your bust and your curves.  This would look fabulous on all you lovely ladies.

As proud new owners, we have plans over the coming months to extend our product range and create more categories. We are looking to provide an all round lingerie ‘superstore’ to ensure we fulfill all of your needs in the lingerie and undergarment department. Please feel free to add comments and provide us with feedback so we can continue to provide you with a great service.

We have already set-up our currency and shipping facilities for our overseas guests and have streamlined the check-out process to add to your LustreLingerie experience.

We cater for all budgets, shapes and sizes, we truly believe that everyone is beautiful and should have a touch of affordable luxury in their lives.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We hope you enjoy your LustreLingerie experience.

By for now…

Jo and Mark xx


Shape Wear for 2016

2016 is the year for you to make sure that you have got the shape that you desire. We have a wide range of shape wear that will definitely give you the shape that you desire. We have chosen some of our favourite pieces that will help control and enhance your shape.

Shape your figure!

Shape your body - Lustre Lingerie

Our Control Body Corset will become your new best friend! Our corset shaping brief will make you look a dress size smaller. This corset brief is perfect for shaping the waist, lifting the bottom, smoothing the tummy, and supporting the back. Make sure that you are providing your body with the support it needs to create the perfect shape.






Shape your body - Lustre Lingerie

Have you got that perfect dress in your wardrobe but don’t feel comfortable in it? Then our Control Body Shaping Dress can help. You will feel body confident and look amazing. Don’t let the fear of not feeling confident stop you. Try our shaping dress. You will be able to see results straight away and will go down a dress size.






Shape your body - Lustre Lingerie

Find the shape wear that is right for you. Our Control Body Strappy Body provides firm compression and a high level of support. Enhancing your figure is important in being able to look and feel great. Make sure that you get the shape that you desire in the New Year.

Compliment your Shape

Last week we wrote a blog focusing on shaping your body correcting and being confident in the clothing you wear. Making sure that the fit was correct and being comfortable is also key to success in an outfit. This blog will be focusing on sleepwear and sexy outfits.


Plus Size Sleepwear - Lustre Lingerie

Our Avanua Electra Babydoll is perfect for showing off your figure. The open front babydoll allows you to fasten it to where it is comfortable. The bright turquoise means that you will stand out for the right reasons.


Available from S/M to XXL.


Price – ?23.99




Plus Size sleepwear - Lustre LingerieOur Avanua Mocca Nightdress is a stunning piece with white lace edging over the bust. The figure hugging nightdress will enhance your figure to the shape that you desire.


Available from S/M to XXL.


Price – ?27.99




Plus size sleepwear - Lustre Lingerie

Irall Bella is a very feminine nightdress with a sheer crimped flared skirt and rich plum coloured bust. This is an exceptionally beautiful empire-line nightdress.


Available from S/M to XXL


Price – ?29.99





Sexy and Seductive

Plus size sexy lingerie - Lustre LingerieOur Avanua Amala Leather Look Jacket is a sexy piece that will get hearts racing. Look and feel body confident in this gorgeous leather jacket.


Available from S/M to XXL.


Price – ?37.99





Plus size sexy lingerie - Lustre Lingerie

Stand out with our Avanua Donna dress. The ultra sexy wet look dress with a plunging neck line is sure to enhance your body shape to the best it can be.


Available from S/M to XXL.


Price – ?24.99





Plus size Sexy Lingerie - Lustre Lingerie

Our Avanua Greta Corset is gorgeous in a powder pink colour with sheer panels. Show of your body in this stunning corset.


Available from S/M to XXL


Price – ?22.99

Complement your body

Finding underwear and sleepwear that compliments your body and shape can be hard. Many lingerie shops only stock small sizes and therefore full figured women are missing out. Not anymore though! Lustre Lingerie stock underwear, sleepwear, hosiery and sexy outfits up to  size XXL. Therefore, people of all shapes and sizes can have our amazing products. Making sure that your products are the correct fit is very important because they are instantly more comfortable. Here are a few of our favourite pieces that we have chosen for you to shape your body effectively.

Lingerie Sets

Plus Size lingerie sets - Lustre Lingerie


Our Avanua Euphoria Set is perfect for complimenting your shape and enhancing your body. The retro style top and brief will keep you on trend and looking great.


Available from sizes S/M to XXL.


Price – ?22.99




Plus size lingerie sets - Lustre LingerieOur Avanua Camelia set is a perfect twist on everyday lingerie. Adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe is important for standing out and feeling confident. Treat your body to something different with this gorgeous set. Also available in blue and black.


Available from sizes S/M to XXL.


Price – ?27.99





Plus size lingerie sets - Lustre Lingerie

Add a pop of colour to your lingerie with our Avanua Lulu set. The gorgeous cami top and briefs provide you with the support that you need while complimenting your body.


Available from sizes S/M to XXL.


Price – ?20.99







Take a look at our hosiery selection, where we have a selection that focuses specifically on size XXL. Completing your look whilst feeling comfortable is important to have a successful outfit. These specific stockings and hold ups are designed to be comfortable and essential to your wardrobe.

plus size hosiery - Lustre Lingerie

Our Gabriella Anika Stockings provide you with the support and style that you need.


Available in XXL.


Price – ?2.99




plus size hosiery - Lustre Lingerie

Our Gabriella Katia Stockings are comfortable and go with many outfits. A floral pattern is sitauted at the top of the stocking, adding that extra element.


Available in XXL.


Price – ?3.99




Our blog next week will be focused on sleepwear and also sexy lingerie sets, for shaping your body.

Shape Wear – How to control your body

Shapewear can be seen to be unattractive and uncomfortable. However, at Lustre we offer a wide variety of styles and shapes for you to control your body and feel great about yourself. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and proud of your body in everything you wear, and you can do this very easily with our products.

Our tips when buying control shapewear

Get the right fit

Be realistic and honest with yourself when choosing your size. If you aren’t sure on your size measure yourself before buying. Being honest and realistic with yourself can make the product be more effective. Choosing a size smaller than what you are can make you actually look bigger than you are as it can cause bulges and become very uncomfortable. You want to control your body, not let it control you!

Not only for special occasions

You don’t have to just wear shapewear for those big nights out. If you are feeling low about your body then wear your shapewear and it is sure to give you a confidence boost. You don’t have to wear it everyday either just the days when you feel like you should. Control your body and reassure your mind with shapewear.

Control your shapewear wardrobe

When starting out with shapewear go for the basics. A mid-thigh shaper and a slip dress can be seen to be easiest to start off with. Once you feel comfortable in your shapewear you can build it up by buying different colours and styles. Try colours close to your skin tone for most flexibility. Build your shape wear wardrobe with key pieces that you find most effective and proud in.

Our control body gold range offers a firm level of support but still remains comfortable and effective.

Control Body Shapewear

This product is a must have when it comes to controlling your body and getting the best silhouette shape possible. The  corset shape helps to shape your waist, lift the bottom, smooth the tummy and also support the back. Therefore your body will look a dress size smaller. Due to the product not going over your chest it does not flatten that area. Some body suits which go over your chest can be known for flattening your chest and therefore not giving you the shape which you want. However, this product does not do this due to you having to wear a separate bra with it and is therefore a must have for controlling your body.

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