Kylie Jenner’s Top Sexy Lingerie Pics

Kylie Jenner’s Top Sexy Lingerie Pics

You must have spent the last few years off the planet not to know that Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous, followed and photographed women in the world.

She has gone from unknown reality television personality to one of the most influential fashionistas and the owner of hugely successful fashion and cosmetics brands. More TV shows are in the pipeline. Like her or not, she’s quite a girl and is great at what she does. Appear everywhere.


Lingerie ideas for Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February fast approaches! Here at Lustre, we thought we’d give you a helping hand in selecting some of our most seductive, classy and tempting lingerie lines for your perfect valentines seduction kit.





Maddie Corset ?29.99 

The Passion Lingerie Maddie Corset comes with a matching thong and adjustable garter straps. In flexible black plenu and black satin the corset features shape enhancing floral side panels each side of a solid central panel.

The material is specially designed not to fade or stain in the wash.






Jean Body ?29.99

Passion Lingerie Jean is a super sexy black halterneck body in shiny black wet-look lama. It has shaping cutaways and is held together with a lace up front that can be left open.


Haylin Chemise (Pink) ?29.99

Passion Lingerie Haylin is a beautiful sexy chemise in floral plenu, laced at the bust and with a matching thong.




The Beauty Night Chantall 3-Piece Collection is a unique combination of all fthree beautiful and sexy items. On special for ?67.99

In the Beauty Night Chantall range with matching thongs. You won’t find these available anywhere else in this combination or at this price. We’ve looked, so you don’t have to!

It’s a stunning, intricate, silver grey and black collection with sheer embroidrered black lace.

It incluces a teddy, corset, open bra set and panty and is available in S/M and L/XL.

All three items come packaged in a lovely Beauty Night box, validated with a unique Beauty Night Fashion hologram.


8 common underwear mistakes you could be making

We’re well into the Christmas party season now, perhaps you’ve even attended one or two. When considering your Christmas outfit’s how much of that thought was about the underwear? Not a lot? Don’t worry we anticipated that!

When we talk about underwear, we think about bras—how we’re wearing the wrong size, how they should really fit. Underwear, however, is often overlooked,” Choosing the right type of underwear truly sets the foundation for your entire day. Taking more time to be aware of what you’re wearing can go a long way in helping you look great.

We have worked with five of our biggest suppliers and models from the lingerie industry to bring you the do’s and don’ts. So let’s get to work and correct—the eight most common underwear mistakes you’re probably making, but had no clue.


1. You’re wearing a size too small.

Now is the time to put vanity aside and go a size up in your clothes with your underwear! If they are too tight they can pinch and give you the dreaded muffin top or VPL (visible panty line), not to mention increase your chances of nether-region unpleasantness like a UTI or yeast infection.

2. You’re wearing the wrong underwear with your outfit.
A string may prevent V.P.L, but it’s not always the best underwear for your body-con clothes. If it’s made from textured material, for example, it will still show through a tight, lightweight dress. A more appropriate choice, in this case, might be a seamless boyshort, maybe one with slightly longer “legs” to prevent ride-up. Wearing a high-waisted skirt? Try a high-waisted brief vs. a low-rise bikini to help smooth out the tummy area.

3. Not trying before buying.

Fit is essential when it comes to undergarments. Even the most swoon-worthy bra can lose its “lustre” when the sizing is off. Bra shopping, in many ways, is very similar to shopping for a pair of jeans — every pair fits differently, especially across brands, so trying them on is key. We offer free shipping on orders over ?100. and returns on garments, we’re always available to answer your questions too, as we have knowledge regarding the brands.



4. Not following the care instructions properly

Always read the care instructions. Lace, silk and satin underwear and bras need a little extra love when it comes to washing, and shouldn’t be treated in the same way as their cotton counterparts. Delicate fabrics and constructions often require the use of cold water, hand-washing techniques, mild soap and air drying to maintain their like-new appearance.


5. Not getting rid of worn out pieces 

Yes, it can be hard to part with your favourite pieces of clothing, but there comes a time when you just have to “let go”. Bras and underwear that are wearing thin or sporting holes should be ditched and upgraded.

6. You’re not spending enough on your lingerie.

It’s tempting to save money on your lingerie and spend it on that pair of jeans instead—after all, that’s what everyone will see. But even if you are the only one who ever sees your underwear, remember that this is the foundation to your entire look. The right underwear has the power to make or break how you walk, talk, look and feel throughout any given day. A ?5.00 pair of underwear may seem like a great deal to start with but probably won’t stand the test of comfort, or time. The cheaper the underwear, the lower the quality—expect materials that are rough against your skin, exposed seams that dig-in as well as show through clothes, underwear that’s not lined properly, or ill-fit that can cause ride-up. Good quality underwear, on the other hand, will be made with first-rate materials for comfortable, all-day wear, superior attention to fit and will hold both its appearance and fit after numerous washings.

7. You’re wearing light underwear with your dark-colored clothing. 

Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark underwear through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light underwear through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black lingerie.

8. You’re wearing mesh underwear in the summer.

It may seem like mesh underwear is more breathable, but you may be surprised to hear that it’s not. Synthetic materials such as polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria—putting you at greater risk for yeast infections and UTIs, or just feeling uncomfortable all day. In the summer, it’s best to wear underwear made with natural, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo that absorb and/or wick moisture away from the skin.

Rita Ora Flashes her Lingerie !

Rita Ora flashes her lingerie through a sexy sheer gown as she hits MTV VMAs in New York.

The 25-year-old Hot Right Now hitmaker proved her usual wild style as she showed off her perky posterior and lingerie through her wild dress complete with sheer panels and feathered detailing.

We think she looks amazing and here are the additional photos:

Rita Ora flashes lingeriev Rita Ora flashes lingerie Rita Ora flashes lingerie Rita Ora flashes lingerie


Our Favourites from Irall Erotic

Our favourite black lingerie gems from Irall Erotic …

Made in Europe, Irall Erotic offers a beautiful collection of nightwear for the modern woman. Soft luxury satin combined with specially selected laces makes these beautiful designs not just gorgeous to look at but also extremely comfortable to wear. Each item comes nicely packaged in its own Irall Erotic box, making this range ideal for the gift market.


Irall Erotic Diamond Chemise

Irall Erotic Diamond Chemise

Irall Erotic Diamond Chemise Black – ?29.99

An extremely sensual chemise made in a beautifully decorated semi-transparent fabric. Very comfortable to wear and gently sits on the body. The front of the chemise is decorated with a satin bow and the bottom has a spectacular finish.

The chemise has thin and adjustable shoulder straps, and also includes a thong.

Diamond arrives packaged in her own Irall Erotic box with lovely matching tissue paper.

More Photos


Irall Erotic Harper Dress – ?24.99

Irall Erotic Harper Dress

Irall Erotic Harper Dress

A beautiful, sexy black dress in comfortable viscose.

Elastic inserts made of black mesh have been placed on the hip for added detail. The bust is decorated with black lace detailed with a lovely floral pattern.

There is a beautiful satin bow on the front of the dress. The back “open” dress is fastened at the back with triple-row hooks that can be adjusted.

Straps are also adjustable and a matching thong is included.

Harper arrives packaged in her own Irall Erotic box with lovely matching tissue paper and is available in S, M, L and XL.

More Photos


Irall Erotic Cassidy – ?24.99

Cassidy is a delicate and slight

Irall Erotic Cassidy Chemise

Irall Erotic Cassidy Chemise

ly flared chiffon chemise combined with elastic lace.

A beautiful lace design features on the bust and the straps at the back of the chemise cross, which can be adjusted.

An open back has also been featured, with diamante at the bust.

A lace thong is also included and Cassidy arrives packaged in her own Irall Erotic box.

More Photos


Irall Erotic Salma Chemise – ?27.99

Irall Erotic Salma Chemise

Irall Erotic Salma Chemise

A sexy and elegant chemise made from elasticated satin, with diagonal pink and black lace.

To the centre of the bust is a black ribbon bow, the back of the chemise dress features adjustable cross over shoulder straps and also a cross over design to the centre of the back.

Also included is the matching thong which is all beautifully packaged within an Irall Erotic product box. Available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

More Photos

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British Athletes Swap Sportswear for Lingerie Ahead of the Olympics

Three top British female athletes swapped their sports gear for sexy lingerie in a campaign to ’empower’ young women on the run up to the Olympics.

Olympic Athletes in lingerie - Olympics

Stef Reid, Amber Hill and Bryony Shaw.

Team GB windsurfer Bryony Shaw, skeet shooter Amber Hill and Paralympian long jumper Stefanie Reid will all be going for gold at the Rio Olympics.

They are backing a campaign to get girls into sport after research revealed many drop out at school after the age of 13 due to ‘body issues’.

They wanted to show powerful bodies are beautiful – and urged young women not to feel ashamed of being physically strong.

Bryony, 32, a bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and current European champion, said: “I would always keep my body concealed when I was growing up and especially at school because I was concerned other kids would say: ‘Oh look at her, she looks like a boy.’

“At my school the cool thing for most of the girls aged 13 or 14 was to opt out of sport and they would feign some illness or a headache to get out of it.”

“So I was really going against the grain and I got bullied at school for trying to do well at sport . Sport was seen as something that the boys did, not the girls.

She admitted training meant her biceps and forearms got stronger and she tried to conceal them under her clothes.

“I would always hide them away because it didn’t make me feel feminine,” she recalled.

“If I was wearing a dress, I would would opt for one with long sleeves.”

Amber Hill

Amber Hill

Amber, 18, a former BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year , is now one of the world’s best clay pigeon shooters, and will be competing in her first Olympics in Rio.

She said: “Girls at school tend to get to a certain level in sport and then drop out because they don’t want that muscular body change.

“They think that not training or being involved in sport is the right way to go about it.

“Boys outnumber girls by ten to one in competitive shooting. At one press conference a journalist asked me: “Why shooting?

“That’s not a very sexy sport, is it?’ And I replied: ‘Well, I’ll have to make it sexy then.'”

Stefanie, 31, a five-time world record holder who became an amputee after losing the bottom part of her right leg in a boat’s propellors aged 15, said: “I hate the idea of girls not reaching their full potential in sport because they are afraid they won’t be accepted, or that it somehow makes them less feminine.

“I was quite competitive growing up, both in sport and in school.

“The best day of my life was when a rugby ball was put in my hands, and I was told I could be as aggressive as I wanted to on the pitch!”

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Campaign by






Lingerie at Wimbledon?

Some female tennis athletes have complained about major sporting brand, Nike making uncomfortable dresses that look similar to ‘lingerie’.

Lingerie at wimbleonNike has paid several athletes to wear a loose hanging dress complying with Wimbledon’s all-white apparel dress code; however some players feel it’s not ideal and that’s too revealing for the tournament.

According to the New York Times, Swedish player Rebecca Peterson said that the dress “flew everywhere” and she had to wear a long-sleeved shirt over the dress to put it in place during her preparations.

“When I was serving, it was coming up, and I felt like the dress was just everywhere,” Peterson said. “In general, it’s quite simple, the dress, but it was flying everywhere.”

The Czech Republic’s Lucie Hradecka wore leggings underneath the dress during her preparations.

Since the opening two days, alterations have been made to adjust the length and provide some comfort to the players.

Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard was one of the players wearing the loose fitting outfit when she defeated Magdalena Rybarikova 6-3, 6-4, with her dress flying up frequently during the match.

However, not all athletes are against it.

Lingerie at WimbledonBouchard, who defeated Johanna Konta on day four at the All England Club, said that she loves the nice design, which helps her move freely.

“It’s funny that people paid a lot of attention to it, but I really think it’s really nice,” Bouchard told TSN.

Nike released a statement saying that the Nike Premier Slam dresses have not been recalled and that they have made alterations for athletes that feel uncomfortable.

Defending Wimbledon champion Serena Williams is also sponsored by Nike, however they’ve made the seven-time title winner her own signature outfit.

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Sexy Lingerie, 3D Printed

Sexy Lingerie, 3D Printed to Fit Perfectly and Last Much Longer.

Having clothes thSexy Lingerie 3D Printedat fit perfectly can help make you look your absolute best. A tailored suit, or a custom fitted dress that complements your body will not only make you look good, however, they can also make you feel your best.

The same goes for undergarments and sexy lingerie, but as many of us will know, having underwear, bras, or bodysuits that not only look great but fit comfortably as well can be a challenge. Fortunately, one Jess Haughton, a fashion student from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, has designed a line of 3D printed sexy lingerie which not only looks elegant, but can guarantee a perfect fit.

Haughton, a 23 year old from Ruislip in West London, designed the line of innovative sexy lingerie and underwear as part of a course. The sexy lingerie collection, which consists of a 3D printed stretch silicone bodysuit, a halter bra with a silicone floral pattern 3D printed onto sheer mesh, a mesh thong, and a leather harness, is currently being showcased at the Nottingham Trent University 2016 Art & Design Degree Show, running until June 11th.

Essentially, Haughton has used additive manufacturing technologies and a stretchy silicone material to create her unique sexy lingerie pieces rather than employ more traditional methods and materials like sewing and elastics. Silicone, a more resilient material than elastic, allowed Haughton a freedom of design which has resulted in more durable, smooth, and properly fitted pieces.

“Stretch silicone is amazing to work with and could really change the way sexy lingerie is made,” says Haughton. “It’s very strong and flexible when cured, and is practically impossible to unstick. It also ha3D Printed Sexy Lingeries an amazing feel to it, and when 3D printed can create more intricate detailing than traditional methods.” Haughton has even likened her innovative method of printing silicone floral patterns onto sheer mesh to a new, more modern way of making lace.

Though her current sexy lingerie designs are part of a school project, there is little argument that the market is ripe for custom designs, and there is surely to be a demand for custom fitted sexy lingerie. With the made-to-order philosophy that often accompanies 3D printed fashion items, people could have their bespoke sexy lingerie fitted to their exact measurements. That is, by simply inputting measurements into a computer (or who knows, maybe even by 3D scanning bodies for exact measurements) people could order pieces made specifically for them. The sexy lingerie pieces could also be customized in more ways than just size, for instance through bespoke detailing and style.

Emma Prince, a senior lecturer in fashion design at the School of Art & Design said of the innovative collection, “Jess has showed real innovation in developing her range of products and has developed her knowledge of this new technology which she can expand upon when she leaves university and pursues her career. It’s a great illustration of how modern technology can change the way clothing is made, leading to improvements in the performance of garments, their fit and their market appeal.”

Lingerie for Men – Right or Wrong?

We’ve seen quite a bit of news about lingerie for men recently and wanted to know how you felt about it. Feel free to comment.

Lingerie for Men

And let’s be clear here, we are not talking just about men who like to wear lingerie designed for women.

It wasn’t so long ago that moisturiser, skin cream or even hair products made especially for men was still a marketing executives pipe dream but now the supermaret shelves burst with them.

In February 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported that like guyliner and Justin Bieber, men have a track record of stealing things previously only held dear by the fairer sex. But one of the most unlikely items to try to make the jump across genders is lingerie.

Homme Mystere, is an Australian underwear company founded two years ago by Queensland entrepreneur Brent Krause and they cater exclusively for men.

“It started initially as an underwear business for guys that incorporated fabrics and accessories normally associated with women’s lingerie,” says Krause.

Although still in a niche market, his lingerie is sold in more than 30 countries — 50 percent of his sales come from the U.S., according to Krause.

But despite the success, Krause admits that he’s had to overcome some major challenges.

“It’s like swimming through honey,” Krause said. “It’s an uphill battle because everyone says, ‘That’s ridiculous,’ ‘You can’t do that,’ ‘That’ll never work’ or ‘You’re wasting your time.’ You’ve just got to block out the naysayers and just keep going, and that’s pretty much what we’ve done.”

Part of the taboo with men’s lingerie has to do with society’s narrow perception of masculinity. Associate professor Catherine Bolzendahl at University of California, Irvine, believes “masculinity is built in relation to feminity.” In other words, if something is considered feminine then by nature, it cannot be masculine. Since lingerie is generally considered a feminine product, men who choose to wear lingerie are breaking that traditional understanding of male identity and thus, choosing to be feminine.

Despite overall stereotypes surrounding male lingerie, the majority of men who purchase the lingerie are straight and genuine fans of the look.

“I think it’s 90 percent — the last time I had a look about visitors and customers — are heterosexual guys,” Krause said. “Most of them, the majority of them are married…We do have the gay community buy the product, I guess, but it’s not like it’s not like it’s a ‘gay thing.'”

Krause, who also wears the lingerie and is in a heterosexual relationship, told ATTN: that his customers’ sexuality is irrelevant.

So what do YOU think? Right or Wrong?




Lustre Lingerie 2016 Lingerie Survey

In January 2016 we conducted a lingerie survey designed to help us understand more about our customers and their opninions, preferences and behaviour.

We offered a ?100 Lustre Lingerie vocher as a prize and we had 61 respondents to the lingerie survey. The lucky winner was D Perking from Solihull in England.

Here are the key insights from our lingerie survey:


Q1. How often do you purchase Lingerie?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q1

Key insight: 65% buy lingerie at least 6 times per year.


Q2. Have you bought anything from Lustre Lingerie?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q2


Q3. How would you rate the followng in order of importance?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q3

Key insight: After size, customer service and colour are the most important.


Q4. From your experience at Lustre Lingerie, how satisfied were you with the following?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q4

Key insights:

100% are either satisfed, reasonably satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service we provide.

Only 2% were disastisfied with anything about their experience.


Q5. Whats best describes your current relationship status?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q5

Key insight: 70% of our customers are married or in long term relationships.


Q6. How likely is it that you would recommend Lustre Lingerie to a friend?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q6

Key insight: 89% of our customers are likely or very likely to recommend us to a friend.


Q7. Please can you select where you apear on the following matrix?

Lingerie Survey 2016 Q7

Key insights:

60% of our customers are female and 50% of them are over 40.

74% of our male customers are over 40.

Only 25% of our customers are under 40.


In a Twitter poll we asked if consumers is they shopped “by brand” for lingerie.

Lustre Lingerie Twitter Poll



Our customers are very satisfied with us. They are equally split between men and women and tend to be over 40 and in long term relationships. They buy lingerie 6 or more times a year and value customer service very highly.


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For a chance to win, sign up to our mailing list here. we will also send you discount codes, special offers and news about new products.