Kylie Jenner’s Top Sexy Lingerie Pics

Kylie Jenner’s Top Sexy Lingerie Pics

You must have spent the last few years off the planet not to know that Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous, followed and photographed women in the world.

She has gone from unknown reality television personality to one of the most influential fashionistas and the owner of hugely successful fashion and cosmetics brands. More TV shows are in the pipeline. Like her or not, she’s quite a girl and is great at what she does. Appear everywhere.


Lingerie ideas for Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February fast approaches! Here at Lustre, we thought we’d give you a helping hand in selecting some of our most seductive, classy and tempting lingerie lines for your perfect valentines seduction kit.





Maddie Corset ?29.99 

The Passion Lingerie Maddie Corset comes with a matching thong and adjustable garter straps. In flexible black plenu and black satin the corset features shape enhancing floral side panels each side of a solid central panel.

The material is specially designed not to fade or stain in the wash.






Jean Body ?29.99

Passion Lingerie Jean is a super sexy black halterneck body in shiny black wet-look lama. It has shaping cutaways and is held together with a lace up front that can be left open.


Haylin Chemise (Pink) ?29.99

Passion Lingerie Haylin is a beautiful sexy chemise in floral plenu, laced at the bust and with a matching thong.




The Beauty Night Chantall 3-Piece Collection is a unique combination of all fthree beautiful and sexy items. On special for ?67.99

In the Beauty Night Chantall range with matching thongs. You won’t find these available anywhere else in this combination or at this price. We’ve looked, so you don’t have to!

It’s a stunning, intricate, silver grey and black collection with sheer embroidrered black lace.

It incluces a teddy, corset, open bra set and panty and is available in S/M and L/XL.

All three items come packaged in a lovely Beauty Night box, validated with a unique Beauty Night Fashion hologram.


5 Seriously Sexy Valentines Ideas

Valentine’s ideas: 1 – A new you

Many women are keen to tone down the cheese factor on Valentine’s Day and ramp up the raunch. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about hearts and flowers. It can be about trying something new, experimenting and acting out fantasies.

If you’ve always wanted to try some role play, then Valentine’s Day is the day to do it. Surprise your partner by taking on a new identify for the day. Set your inner identity free.

Valentine’s idea: 2 – Glamour

There’s something to be said about old-fashioned glamour. The clothes, the hair, the make-up all come together to present an image of soft sexy sophistication, suggesting the promise of a life less ordinary.

To sample this heady experience for yourself, organise a Valentine’s Day that’s all about red carpet glamour. Get your make-up professionally done (or treat the lady in your life to her favourite beauty treatment), wear a stunning dress and spend the evening dining like Hollywood A-listers. Don’t forget to wear Hollywood-worthy lingerie for you and your partner to enjoy at the end of the evening.

Valentine’s idea: 3 – 50 shades of play

You could always spice up the day by recreating the scenes you loved from the book or film 50 shades of grey. Treat yourself or the special woman in your life, we have a range of sexy toys “50 shades worthy” over at our sister website   Don’t forget the lingerie, we have exotic and daring ranges, with latex and leather! Anything Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele can do, you can do better.

Valentine’s idea: 4 – Designer shoe’s to complement

Most women will tell you that their day becomes infinitely better when they slip on a pair of designer shoes. Make it part of your outfit or her gift, “I don’t need any new lingerie or shoes” said no woman ever! Buy some sexy lingerie and put a spring in your, or his step this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s idea: 5 – Sexy lingerie

Lingerie is a Valentine’s Day gift favourite. Although you might be thinking ‘Cliché’, we prefer to look at lingerie as a ‘Classic’ Valentine’s idea for her. The right lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, desired and desirable, passionate, erotic and empowered. With 80% of people saying that sex is an important part of Valentine’s Day, what better way to make a statement about creating some time for intimacy together than with beautiful lingerie? We’ve even got a stunning range of Valentine’s sexy lingerie to help you choose something you and your partner will love.


8 common underwear mistakes you could be making

We’re well into the Christmas party season now, perhaps you’ve even attended one or two. When considering your Christmas outfit’s how much of that thought was about the underwear? Not a lot? Don’t worry we anticipated that!

When we talk about underwear, we think about bras—how we’re wearing the wrong size, how they should really fit. Underwear, however, is often overlooked,” Choosing the right type of underwear truly sets the foundation for your entire day. Taking more time to be aware of what you’re wearing can go a long way in helping you look great.

We have worked with five of our biggest suppliers and models from the lingerie industry to bring you the do’s and don’ts. So let’s get to work and correct—the eight most common underwear mistakes you’re probably making, but had no clue.


1. You’re wearing a size too small.

Now is the time to put vanity aside and go a size up in your clothes with your underwear! If they are too tight they can pinch and give you the dreaded muffin top or VPL (visible panty line), not to mention increase your chances of nether-region unpleasantness like a UTI or yeast infection.

2. You’re wearing the wrong underwear with your outfit.
A string may prevent V.P.L, but it’s not always the best underwear for your body-con clothes. If it’s made from textured material, for example, it will still show through a tight, lightweight dress. A more appropriate choice, in this case, might be a seamless boyshort, maybe one with slightly longer “legs” to prevent ride-up. Wearing a high-waisted skirt? Try a high-waisted brief vs. a low-rise bikini to help smooth out the tummy area.

3. Not trying before buying.

Fit is essential when it comes to undergarments. Even the most swoon-worthy bra can lose its “lustre” when the sizing is off. Bra shopping, in many ways, is very similar to shopping for a pair of jeans — every pair fits differently, especially across brands, so trying them on is key. We offer free shipping on orders over ?100. and returns on garments, we’re always available to answer your questions too, as we have knowledge regarding the brands.



4. Not following the care instructions properly

Always read the care instructions. Lace, silk and satin underwear and bras need a little extra love when it comes to washing, and shouldn’t be treated in the same way as their cotton counterparts. Delicate fabrics and constructions often require the use of cold water, hand-washing techniques, mild soap and air drying to maintain their like-new appearance.


5. Not getting rid of worn out pieces 

Yes, it can be hard to part with your favourite pieces of clothing, but there comes a time when you just have to “let go”. Bras and underwear that are wearing thin or sporting holes should be ditched and upgraded.

6. You’re not spending enough on your lingerie.

It’s tempting to save money on your lingerie and spend it on that pair of jeans instead—after all, that’s what everyone will see. But even if you are the only one who ever sees your underwear, remember that this is the foundation to your entire look. The right underwear has the power to make or break how you walk, talk, look and feel throughout any given day. A ?5.00 pair of underwear may seem like a great deal to start with but probably won’t stand the test of comfort, or time. The cheaper the underwear, the lower the quality—expect materials that are rough against your skin, exposed seams that dig-in as well as show through clothes, underwear that’s not lined properly, or ill-fit that can cause ride-up. Good quality underwear, on the other hand, will be made with first-rate materials for comfortable, all-day wear, superior attention to fit and will hold both its appearance and fit after numerous washings.

7. You’re wearing light underwear with your dark-colored clothing. 

Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark underwear through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light underwear through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black lingerie.

8. You’re wearing mesh underwear in the summer.

It may seem like mesh underwear is more breathable, but you may be surprised to hear that it’s not. Synthetic materials such as polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria—putting you at greater risk for yeast infections and UTIs, or just feeling uncomfortable all day. In the summer, it’s best to wear underwear made with natural, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo that absorb and/or wick moisture away from the skin.

Bra Size – Finding the Perfect Bra

Establishing bra size is really important if you wear or buy lingerie.

It doesn’t hurt to know about the various types and styles, how to choose the right style and size and what your lingerie says about you or the person for whom you are buying it.

So we searched the interweb far and wide and found 5 really useful infographics which can help you plan your next purchase.

Bra Size – Finding The Perfect Bra

You should know that any bra size system where a tape measure is used will not be totally accurate. There are a lot of factors that can affect your measurements.

This useful bra size infographic offers you a bra size calculator to avoid ordering the wrong size.

When you have worked out your bra size, why not take a look at the bra and lingerie sets in our store.

Bra Size - How to find the perfect bra









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The history of the Bra

Wearing a specialized garment designed to support a woman’s breasts may date back to ancient Greece.[12] Women wore an apodesmos (Greek: ?????????[13]), later st?thodesm? (Gr: ??????????[14]), mastodesmos (Gr: ???????????[15]) and mastodeton (Gr: ??????????[16]), all meaning “breast-band”, a band of wool or linen that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back.[17][18]

In 2008, archaeologists working at the Lengberg Castle in Eastern Tyrol, Austria discovered 2700 fragments of textile, among them four bras. Two of them were modern-looking bras; the other two were undershirts with incorporated cups. All of the bras were made from linen. The two modern-looking bras were somewhat similar to a modern longline brassiere; the cups were made from two pieces of linen sewn with fabric that extended down to the bottom of the torso with a row of six eyelets for fastening with a lace or string. The brassiere also had two shoulder straps and was decorated with lace between the cleavage, one of them possessing needle lace. The radiocarbon dating results showed that the four bras stemmed from the period between 1440 and 1485.[19][20]

Bra Size

An award-winning ad for R & G Corset Company from the back cover of the October 1898 Ladies’ Home Journal depicted a proper foundation garment for women.

From the 16th century onwards, the undergarments of wealthier women in the Western world were dominated by the corset, which pushed the breasts upwards. In the later part of the 19th century, clothing designers began experimenting with various alternatives to the corset, trying things like splitting the corset into multiple parts: a girdle-like restraining device for the lower torso, and devices that suspended the breasts from the shoulder to the upper torso.[12]

The German Christine Hardt patented the first modern brassiere in 1889. Sigmund Lindauer from Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany, developed a brassiere for mass production in 1912 and patented it in 1913. It was mass-produced by Mechanischen Trikotweberei Ludwig Maier und Cie. in Böblingen, Germany.[5] In the United States, Mary Phelps Jacob received a patent in 1914 for the first bra design that is recognized as the basis for modern brassieres.[21][22] Mass production of bras in the early 20th Century made the garment widely available to women in the United States, England, Western Europe, and other countries influenced by western fashion.[5] With metal shortages, World War I encouraged the end of the corset.

Like other clothing, brassieres were initially sewn by small production companies and supplied to various retailers. The term “cup” was not used to describe bras until 1916, and manufacturers relied on stretchable cups to accommodate different sized breasts.[23]:73 Women with larger or pendulous breasts had the choice of long-line bras, built-up backs, wedge-shaped inserts between the cups, wider straps, power Lastex, firm bands under the cup, and even light boning.[citation needed]

In October 1932, the S.H. Camp and Company correlated the size and pendulousness of a woman’s breasts to letters of the alphabet, A through D.[6] Camp’s advertising featured letter-labeled profiles of breasts in the February 1933 issue of Corset and Underwear Review. In 1937, Warner began to feature cup sizing in its products. Adjustable bands were introduced using multiple hook and eye closures in the 1930s.[23][24]:101

Although in popular culture the invention of the bra is frequently attributed to men, women have played a large part in bra design and manufacture, accounting for half of the patents filed.[23] There is an urban legend that the brassiere was invented by a man named Otto Titzling (“tit sling”) who lost a lawsuit with Phillip de Brassiere (“fill up the brassiere”). This originated with the 1971 book Bust-Up: The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling and the Development of the Bra and was propagated in a comedic song from the movie Beaches.[25]

By the time World War II ended, most fashion-conscious women in Europe and North America were wearing brassieres. From that point forward, women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America adopted the brassiere.[5]

Roza Lingerie Video and Bestsellers

Weapons of Wowfare!

Roza Lingerie is a European lingerie company, focused on sexy and sensual clothing for the bedroom.

Roza Lingerie has an ultra-feminine presence and uses the best fabrics to create stunning garments that are as pleasurable to wear as they are to look at. Clean lines, well designed lace details and bold colours make this an underwear brand that has classic appeal to enhance your erotic nights.

You can watch the lastest photo shoot here:

Our best sellers are the beautiful Roza Ginewra Bra and Shorts:

Roza Lingerie Ginewra Bra and ShortsRoza Lingerie have been manufacturing modern, original and beautiful designer lingerie for over a decade now.

These seductive and sensual lingerie items are made from the highest quality materials; delicate lace, rich embroidery, soft chiffon and micro-fibre. Superb quality and fantastic designs, mixed with classic colours and the finest craftsmanship, are the strength behind Roza’s extraordinary collection of beautiful lingerie.

Roza Lingerie has been manufacturing modern, original and beautiful lingerie for 16 years. From delicate lace to rich embroidery and soft chiffon this sensual luxury lingerie is made from the highest quality materials.

The strength behind Roza’s extraordinary collection is our superb quality, fantastic design and classic colors.

The collection includes bras, panties, garter belts and stockings

All Roza Lingerie merchandise comes in beautiful boxes wrapped in printed tissue paper and all products are made from the finest materials in Europe.

In 2006, Roza’s products were appreciated by the newspaper Economic Review, which is part of the Media Partner Group.

The company was awarded a medal Customer Laurel 2006 and a diploma.

In 2003 Roza was awarded the statuette, “product without borders”, the prize awarded to the winners of the competition for the best Polish companies from the fashion lingerie product categories in 2003 at the Gala Bras “Polish Product-Poland Underwear.”

Lingerie Set – Find the perfect set

When it comes to wearing a lingerie set there is nothing better than having a matching bra and knickers.

It helps you to feel good about yourself and also look great. Here at Lustre we don’t just have sets that are just bra’s and knickers, we have sets including babydoll’s and chemises.I have picked out four of my favourite sets from staying safe to being slightly more daring.

Our favourite lingerie sets

Avanue Lingerie Set


The Avanua Sonnet Lingerie Set in black is a more daring style to some of the others. We love this set because it offers you the chance to show not too much but enough. Feeling good about yourself is something that we believe in at Lustre. If you feel good about yourself and your body then you will be happier in yourself.  The set is sexy but is not too over the top. This set includes the bra, thong, ad also the suspender belt.

Gracya Cindy Lingerie Set


This is one of my favourite lingerie sets at Lustre. The Gracya Cindy is a set that you can wear for everyday. The delicate use of the mesh over the pink satin design and the pink bows allows the set to be sexy and innocent. The bra is a push up so gives you the chance to enhance your assets. This set is sold separately but is not expensive at all. Keep it innocent but intriguing.

Avanua Arya Lingerie Set


Avanua Arya Cami Lingerie Set in Black is a perfect set to wear at night. The silky material makes it a perfect item to sleep in and be comfortable whilst also looking sexy. This set is really good value for money. The set allows you to look good and feel good by providing you with support and also comfort.

Beauty Night Claudia Lingerie Set

We love this sexy Beauty Night Claudia Floral Lace Top and Thong Lingerie Set. This set is available in black and white. Feel sexy in this gorgeous set made with floral lace. The top and thong are both included in the price making it a must have. The black lace makes it more daring than some of our other pieces but still classy.

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Bra Size. Investing In Your Chest – Our Top Bra Size Tips

We’re always expressing how important it is to buy lingerie that suits your body shape here at Lustre, and we cannot stress how much of a difference your bra size can make to your entire look.

There are many small tips and tricks which can make a big difference to your body image when it comes to choosing the right underwear and bra size.

If you want to perceive your best possible image image – a bad bra can ruin a great look! So here are our top tips on effectively investing in your chest:

1. Measure Your Own Bra Size

Getting a professional to determine your accurate bra size can be expensive whilst being an essential to your everyday lingerie. This can prove to be a real hassle. How do I to measure yourself free at home with no expense spared with just a tape measure?

  • To determine the underbust size, measure around top of waist where underwire would usually be placed. Then add 4 inches to this figure. If this is an odd number round up as appose to down a size.
  • For overbust area measure the biggest/fullest part of your breast. this will tell you your cup size. If the bust measurement is: same as your bra size, your Cup size is A. 1in. more gives Cup size B 2in. more gives Cup size C 3in. more gives Cup size D 4in. more gives Cup size DD 5in. more gives Cup size E and so on.

2. Prioritise Quality

Many people find it tempting to pick up the first bra they see that has a cheap price tag. However, sparing the expense in your lingerie can boast a number of advantages. There are many factors that are important when choosing a bra, especially the bra size, comfort and quality.

You generally get what you pay for with bras so invest in something that will last you. After all one bra that you’ll treasure and cling to is of more value than three bad quality non-wearable ones!

3. Band Size

It is important to get the correct band size by not tightening it too much. The band should comfortably fit of the loosest adjustments. Bras are designed like this so that when the elastic begins to loosen, you are able to tighten them to your usual size. The correct band size is the smallest you can comfortably wear. If this doesn’t feel right, reassess your bra measurements.

To find out more tips to get that perfect everyday lingerie look, watch this space and check out our blog for further style tips. Also explore our Lustre Lingerie shop for the Everyday Luxury range.