British Athletes Swap Sportswear for Lingerie Ahead of the Olympics

Three top British female athletes swapped their sports gear for sexy lingerie in a campaign to ’empower’ young women on the run up to the Olympics.

Olympic Athletes in lingerie - Olympics

Stef Reid, Amber Hill and Bryony Shaw.

Team GB windsurfer Bryony Shaw, skeet shooter Amber Hill and Paralympian long jumper Stefanie Reid will all be going for gold at the Rio Olympics.

They are backing a campaign to get girls into sport after research revealed many drop out at school after the age of 13 due to ‘body issues’.

They wanted to show powerful bodies are beautiful – and urged young women not to feel ashamed of being physically strong.

Bryony, 32, a bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and current European champion, said: “I would always keep my body concealed when I was growing up and especially at school because I was concerned other kids would say: ‘Oh look at her, she looks like a boy.’

“At my school the cool thing for most of the girls aged 13 or 14 was to opt out of sport and they would feign some illness or a headache to get out of it.”

“So I was really going against the grain and I got bullied at school for trying to do well at sport . Sport was seen as something that the boys did, not the girls.

She admitted training meant her biceps and forearms got stronger and she tried to conceal them under her clothes.

“I would always hide them away because it didn’t make me feel feminine,” she recalled.

“If I was wearing a dress, I would would opt for one with long sleeves.”

Amber Hill

Amber Hill

Amber, 18, a former BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year , is now one of the world’s best clay pigeon shooters, and will be competing in her first Olympics in Rio.

She said: “Girls at school tend to get to a certain level in sport and then drop out because they don’t want that muscular body change.

“They think that not training or being involved in sport is the right way to go about it.

“Boys outnumber girls by ten to one in competitive shooting. At one press conference a journalist asked me: “Why shooting?

“That’s not a very sexy sport, is it?’ And I replied: ‘Well, I’ll have to make it sexy then.'”

Stefanie, 31, a five-time world record holder who became an amputee after losing the bottom part of her right leg in a boat’s propellors aged 15, said: “I hate the idea of girls not reaching their full potential in sport because they are afraid they won’t be accepted, or that it somehow makes them less feminine.

“I was quite competitive growing up, both in sport and in school.

“The best day of my life was when a rugby ball was put in my hands, and I was told I could be as aggressive as I wanted to on the pitch!”

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