Lingerie Set – Find the perfect set

When it comes to wearing a lingerie set there is nothing better than having a matching bra and knickers.

It helps you to feel good about yourself and also look great. Here at Lustre we don’t just have sets that are just bra’s and knickers, we have sets including babydoll’s and chemises.I have picked out four of my favourite sets from staying safe to being slightly more daring.

Our favourite lingerie sets

Avanue Lingerie Set


The Avanua Sonnet Lingerie Set in black is a more daring style to some of the others. We love this set because it offers you the chance to show not too much but enough. Feeling good about yourself is something that we believe in at Lustre. If you feel good about yourself and your body then you will be happier in yourself.  The set is sexy but is not too over the top. This set includes the bra, thong, ad also the suspender belt.

Gracya Cindy Lingerie Set


This is one of my favourite lingerie sets at Lustre. The Gracya Cindy is a set that you can wear for everyday. The delicate use of the mesh over the pink satin design and the pink bows allows the set to be sexy and innocent. The bra is a push up so gives you the chance to enhance your assets. This set is sold separately but is not expensive at all. Keep it innocent but intriguing.

Avanua Arya Lingerie Set


Avanua Arya Cami Lingerie Set in Black is a perfect set to wear at night. The silky material makes it a perfect item to sleep in and be comfortable whilst also looking sexy. This set is really good value for money. The set allows you to look good and feel good by providing you with support and also comfort.

Beauty Night Claudia Lingerie Set

We love this sexy Beauty Night Claudia Floral Lace Top and Thong Lingerie Set. This set is available in black and white. Feel sexy in this gorgeous set made with floral lace. The top and thong are both included in the price making it a must have. The black lace makes it more daring than some of our other pieces but still classy.

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Hold Ups Traffic!

Hold up’s are becoming increasingly more popular recently and it’s easy to see why with there varying designs and colours. Many women are finding that they feel better about there self and sexier when wearing hold up’s to a pair of tights. Due to the varying styles women are finding many more ways to put an outfit together with hold up’s. You can wear them day or night and there are many designs for both.

Day Wear Hold Ups

black hold ups


With these Ballerina Pherom Nero hold up’s you are sure to stand out in the office. Feeling good about yourself is key to success. They are more comfortable than tights due to you being able to move easier and not feel restricted. I know that whenever I wear tights I feel like I can barely move the top of my legs and also feel like I am constantly pulling them up because I feel like they are too low. This is not an issue with hold up’s however as they stay firmly on your leg and you are not restricted at the top of your thigh. A simple yet professional way you can wear your hold ups to work is with a pencil skirt and a blouse or top.

Night Wear Hold Ups

Be more creative at night to what you can during the day. Feel confident and sexy in what you wear and let other people notice how good you are feeling about yourself. Try a bolder style or colour at night to keep your outfit unique.

ballerina white

These white Ballerina hold ups are beautiful with intricate embroidery around the top and down the sides of the legs. They are sexy and classy and will go with near enough anything in your wardrobe. Take a risk and go for a colour thats not just black.

If you would prefer to stick with the colour black but want a bolder style then these are perfect.

black hold ups


The delicate embroidery at the top and down the legs makes them a bolder piece to go in your wardrobe. You will love the way in which your outfit becomes unique and stronger with this pair of Ballerina hold ups.

Shape Wear – How to control your body

Shapewear can be seen to be unattractive and uncomfortable. However, at Lustre we offer a wide variety of styles and shapes for you to control your body and feel great about yourself. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and proud of your body in everything you wear, and you can do this very easily with our products.

Our tips when buying control shapewear

Get the right fit

Be realistic and honest with yourself when choosing your size. If you aren’t sure on your size measure yourself before buying. Being honest and realistic with yourself can make the product be more effective. Choosing a size smaller than what you are can make you actually look bigger than you are as it can cause bulges and become very uncomfortable. You want to control your body, not let it control you!

Not only for special occasions

You don’t have to just wear shapewear for those big nights out. If you are feeling low about your body then wear your shapewear and it is sure to give you a confidence boost. You don’t have to wear it everyday either just the days when you feel like you should. Control your body and reassure your mind with shapewear.

Control your shapewear wardrobe

When starting out with shapewear go for the basics. A mid-thigh shaper and a slip dress can be seen to be easiest to start off with. Once you feel comfortable in your shapewear you can build it up by buying different colours and styles. Try colours close to your skin tone for most flexibility. Build your shape wear wardrobe with key pieces that you find most effective and proud in.

Our control body gold range offers a firm level of support but still remains comfortable and effective.

Control Body Shapewear

This product is a must have when it comes to controlling your body and getting the best silhouette shape possible. The  corset shape helps to shape your waist, lift the bottom, smooth the tummy and also support the back. Therefore your body will look a dress size smaller. Due to the product not going over your chest it does not flatten that area. Some body suits which go over your chest can be known for flattening your chest and therefore not giving you the shape which you want. However, this product does not do this due to you having to wear a separate bra with it and is therefore a must have for controlling your body.

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Gothic Corsets to Die For

Gothic Corsets

Gothic corsets are simply perfect to accentuate the hour glass figure, uplift, create shape, style and sophistication. With our vast range of stunning corsets you can do just that.

A strong contrast between black, white and lace is so hot right now and can be flattering and elegant on any body shape. With this in mind, this week, we’ve selected our finest gothic corsets to spice up the bedroom.


Gothic Corsets

Beautiful gothic corset set in sheer black tulle with elegant black lace edging, finished with ruffles and bows.


Gothic Corsets

Gorgeous gothic corset with sheer panels at the sides and beautiful embroidery detail. Also available in black.


Gothic Corsets

Elegant gothic corset in black and silver with pinstriped sheer panels to the sides and bust.


Gothic Corsets

Beautiful gothic corset and thong set in black satin material with sheer lace panels. Adjustable suspender straps.


Gothic Corsets

 Gorgeous gothic corset with sheer panels at the sides and beautiful embroidery detail. Adjustable shoulder and suspender straps. Thong included.


Gothic CorsetsDiscover more in our Basques, Body and Corsets section!

Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogenous features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture.

A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress, typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with colored black hair, black lips and black clothes.

Both male and female goths wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernail polish. Styles are often borrowed from the punk fashion, Victorians and Elizabethans. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion and emo fashion.

Goth fashion can be recognized by its stark black clothing. Ted Polhemus described goth fashion as a “profusion of black velvets, lace, fishnets and leather tinged with scarlet or purple, accessorized with tightly laced corsets, gloves, precarious stilettos and silver jewelry depicting religious or occult themes”.

Researcher Maxim W. Furek noted “Goth is a revolt against the slick fashions of the 1970s disco era and a protest against the colorful pastels and extravagance of the 1980s. Black hair, dark clothing and pale complexions provide the basic look of the Goth Dresser.

One can paradoxically argue that the Goth look is one of deliberate overstatement as just a casual look at the heavy emphasis on dark flowing capes, ruffled cuffs, pale makeup and dyed hair demonstrate a modern-day version of late Victorian excess.