Bra Size. Investing In Your Chest – Our Top Bra Size Tips

We’re always expressing how important it is to buy lingerie that suits your body shape here at Lustre, and we cannot stress how much of a difference your bra size can make to your entire look.

There are many small tips and tricks which can make a big difference to your body image when it comes to choosing the right underwear and bra size.

If you want to perceive your best possible image image – a bad bra can ruin a great look! So here are our top tips on effectively investing in your chest:

1. Measure Your Own Bra Size

Getting a professional to determine your accurate bra size can be expensive whilst being an essential to your everyday lingerie. This can prove to be a real hassle. How do I to measure yourself free at home with no expense spared with just a tape measure?

  • To determine the underbust size, measure around top of waist where underwire would usually be placed. Then add 4 inches to this figure. If this is an odd number round up as appose to down a size.
  • For overbust area measure the biggest/fullest part of your breast. this will tell you your cup size. If the bust measurement is: same as your bra size, your Cup size is A. 1in. more gives Cup size B 2in. more gives Cup size C 3in. more gives Cup size D 4in. more gives Cup size DD 5in. more gives Cup size E and so on.

2. Prioritise Quality

Many people find it tempting to pick up the first bra they see that has a cheap price tag. However, sparing the expense in your lingerie can boast a number of advantages. There are many factors that are important when choosing a bra, especially the bra size, comfort and quality.

You generally get what you pay for with bras so invest in something that will last you. After all one bra that you’ll treasure and cling to is of more value than three bad quality non-wearable ones!

3. Band Size

It is important to get the correct band size by not tightening it too much. The band should comfortably fit of the loosest adjustments. Bras are designed like this so that when the elastic begins to loosen, you are able to tighten them to your usual size. The correct band size is the smallest you can comfortably wear. If this doesn’t feel right, reassess your bra measurements.

To find out more tips to get that perfect everyday lingerie look, watch this space and check out our blog for further style tips. Also explore our Lustre Lingerie shop for the Everyday Luxury range.