Honeymoon Lingerie for the Bride on her Wedding Night

It’s a nice day, for a white wedding.

Now that the weather has started to change for the better, it’s the time when you’ll start looking for holidays, and for some special women, you’ll be planning your wedding!

You’ve booked the church, the reception venue, the honeymoon… Have you bought your lingerie set to prepare for that special night?

Avanua Honeymoon Lingerie

Avanua Marylin Corset

Your special day

After what may feel like or actually be a lifetime of planning that one special day that is your wedding day; you will of course look like the beautiful bride that you are when you glide down the aisle to meet your betrothed to come together as a married couple, where you will start your life together.

The next step is the huge party with your family and friends, where you all gather to celebrate your marriage with some lovely food, heartwarming speeches and of course your first dance as a married couple.

The end to your wonderful, unforgettable day, imagine your husband’s expression when he sees you for the first time as his beautiful wife dressed in all white honeymoon lingerie, ready to start a wonderful, blissful life together.

Honeymoon lingerie

Although white is traditional, moving with times, you may not want a completely white lingerie set for your wedding night. Perhaps you would like a cream coloured corset set like this beautiful set by Gracya:

Gracya Honeymoon set

Gracya Gala Cream Corset

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